VinoPaint Exclusive - Bye Bye Birdie Mixed Media WorkshopWait, what? It is really July already…? Start preparing for Christmas already!!!

Yes, it is July but you cannot imagine how thankful you will be on the first advent for utilizing these 175 days to prepare proactively. The season is never complete without tons of Christmas wreaths adorning your house and a gazillion handmade ornaments and decorative pieces.

Now, we know 175 days sounds like a lot, but really, when you get down to accomplishing the million tasks to do for the season, you feel pretty overwhelmed. Let’s not forget flustered and downright panicky when time runs out and you still haven’t done all you had to do for Christmas.

So why not get a head-start and be ready well ahead of time? Here are VinoPaint’s inspirational ideas for launching your Christmas art preps in July.

1.     Plan Art Classes

July is the best time to refine your creative skills. If you wish to put up the best display in your neighborhood, then you can use July to take some creative lessons from the experts like Sonya Paz. Plan ahead and save some money to enroll into one of the many arts and crafts offerings and classes happening at VinoPaint.

They’d surely teach you a lot about ornament making and decking your halls to rival the Harlequin Christmas movies.

2.     Make Stars with Bascetta Papers

 One can never have enough stars lining their hall, rooms and the entire house for Christmas. If you too love to light up your house with tons of twinkling stars, then making several with bascetta papers in July is a good start. We have a  great variety of premium art supplies on our website that you can order through our Amazon affiliate links. Who doesn’t just love quick fast delivery!

For each star, you require thirty paper squares, lots of patience and a little time. But the end result is super stunning and artistic.By December – you will have enough for a nice holiday garland or ornaments for your tree!

3.     Wooden Tablescape

This Christmas, aim for a fascinating wooden display for your tablescape. They’re always intricate but stunning and you can start making various kinds of wooden ornaments way ahead in July.

VinoPaint recommends making rustic tabletop trees as a DIY Cricut project. In December, you will just love the natural charm these little wooden trees will add to your table. You can even paint them and attach handmade paper ornaments on these for an extra special touch.

4.     Ornaments with Animal Prints

How about adding some animal glamour to your Christmas decoration this year? July is a good option for gathering your animal print art supplies and making tons of ball ornaments. Line the inside of your transparent glass ornaments with glitter to make them look extra glammy.

A few DIY tutorials will help you master ball ornament making like a pro and before you know it, you will have made enough to gift some to your neighbors and family too as token gifts.

5.     Tabletree Tops with Yarn Wrapping

You only need a handful of art supplies for this Christmas art idea but you will love the results the simple materials and a little time will yield. They make for cute tabletop decorations and you can customize these to match your personal style.

For this piece of art, you only to wrap a bit of colorful yarn around a Styrofoam cone. For a more rustic touch, try using white yarn to imitate snow covered trees. You can even combine white and red yarn for a candy-cane tree. Feel free to let your creativity flow.

~ Sonya Paz is the owner and founder of VinoPaint Creative Services.

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