What is a VinoPaint Creative event?
The VinoPaint experience is all about SMArt events! – Creative Social Meetings and ART where you can create your own masterpiece in a relaxed, stress-free group environment.

We often hear “I am not artistic”, or “I can’t even draw a stick figure”. Well, have no fear! This is the perfect event where absolutely NO experience is necessary to have a amazingly creative and positive time in any of our classes.

Our instructor, Sonya Paz is a professional artist that will guide our guests through the painting event with simple, step-by-step instructions. Perhaps you are an aspiring Frida Kahlo  or Pablo Picasso just looking to explore your creative side and color outside the lines, you create a wonderful artwork that is personally “yours” that you created yourself.

How do VinoPaint Virtual Events work?

Once you are registered up for our virtual event/class from the VinoPaint website, we will provide you a Zoom/Google Meets or Webex link to join our live virtual event/class a few days prior to the live in person event, you will also receive your own creative class kit which includes all of the supplies necessary to create your masterpiece. Simply join the provided conferencing Link ID and passcode before your scheduled event and be sure to be registered user on Zoom.us, Google Meets or Webex in advance. (It’s best if you have the most current version of your video conferencing software installed on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Each participant/student will include their own specific supplies for that artistic project or painting. It can be canvases with acrylic paints, watercolor class with supplies, mixed media workshop with supplies, hand lettering with kit, chalk lettering, watercolors, mixed media, doodle monograming and so many other sections.  To see the list of available projects, click here.

To view all available scheduled classes, view here.

Live in Person Events (Private and Public Events)
Our virtual classes are personalized for your group and conducted live, these are not pre-recorded classes. We know the importance of engaging with our attendees through our live events. VinoPaint is a local creative entertainment company and Sonya is conducting these live art instruction for a fun painting or mixed media creations events virtually to accommodate social distancing and a safe place to create in your home or office.

Virtual Class Events/Webinars via Zoom/Google Meets/Webex
Virtual events are the newest creative offering by VinoPaint based on the Covid19 Shelter in Place restrictions and guidelines. Connect with other creatives, friends and family from the safety of your own home 🙂

Please be sure you are registered with Zoom or Google Meets or Webex prior to the class, unfortunately we won’t have time for any troubleshooting during the class time.

You can sign in directly from your device, smartphone, tablet, or computer. You may choose to activate or deactivate the camera settings on your device. When your camera is active you will be visible to the host as well as the other participants. VinoPaint Virtual event tickets are nonrefundable. However, our classes may be archived and you can access these at a later date for your convenience. Contact us for more information. We may use screenshots and images from the virtual classes for marketing purposes. Please note while on the Zoom platform your name and/or photo may appear on the listed attendees page, however you can control this from your Zoom settings. More information can be viewed on the Terms and Conditions page.

Creative Kits & Shipping
Our virtual events price often includes the creative kit which includes all of the supplies necessary for the project. We ship these via USPS and each packaged is tracked. We use the shipping address that is indicated on your registration. We cannot be responsible for incorrectly entered in addresses or packages that do not arrive due to misplacement or theft.

What is included in the live event price?

The cost for our VinoPaint events range based on the type of class or workshop. We provide all the materials for you to use to create your personal masterpiece or project. The painting classes includes your own pre-stretched canvas, paints, use of brushes, easels, apron, along with a wildly fun local professional artist to guide you thought the artistic process. There are times we have early bird sign up savings available on our Facebook Page, be sure to “LIKE” us.

Get on our VIP list, sign up here to be on the front lines of new classes, workshops, updates and more!

Are reservations necessary or can we pay at the door (In person events)?
VinoPaint events tend to book up quickly, so it is recommended that you register in advance to secure your space. We can accept walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis if we have space available. Be sure to always check the website for real time event status and it is always being updated with new dates and venues.

Do I have to paint the featured artwork?
Having you create the painting along with the rest of the guests is all part of the fun! Attendees help encourage others and cheer each other on – it makes the event more festive and keeps the positive vibe upbeat! We like to encourage our attendees to paint the featured painting, Most people sign up to paint the featured artwork, so our instructor’s number one priority will be guiding attendees with the featured painting. If you decide to paint your own theme or style, that’s fine, however please be respectful to your fellow artists as well as the instructor of the event.

What is the age requirement to participate?
Typically our creative events are open to ages 10 and over, but depending on the activity these ages can vary and some more intricate designs and art workshops maybe challenging. Typically since the VinoPaint events are held in wine bars and restaurants, this will vary by location and by the class or workshop. Most events are targeted for 21 and over. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question or would like to plan a private event.

What should I wear?
Please dress appropriately. For live events we provide aprons to help protect your clothes to a degree, however we cannot be responsible for any clothing or accessories that might be blemished by a paint smudge or two. Please take this into consideration when you decide what to wear for our canvas painting sessions. if you are coming straight from work, just bring a change of clothes.

What kind of paint is used?
Every new artist must know that wearing your best outfit might not be suitable for this activity. In most cases we use non-toxic acrylic paints, and while these are water based paints, they are not entirely clothes friendly. We offer other types of classes and workshops and those paints and materials may be watercolor, chalk, sharpies etc. If you are sensitive to art materials, please contact us so we can address your questions.

Since our paint is non toxic, you may get some paint on your hands. In the event that you have sensitive skin or a nicely maintained manicure, we can provide plastic disposable gloves available upon request to protect your hands. The paint we use is non-toxic easily washable from skin and nails with soap and water.

Can I take my painting home the night of the event?
Yes, yes, yes!!! You take your painting home with you. We also want your masterpieces to arrive home safely. Acrylic paint dries rather quickly, however we do not want your newly created painting to leave paint smudges on the seats of your vehicle. We suggest bringing an old towel or plastic trash bag to protect your automobile.

What is the refund policy?
For li ve in person events, refunds can be honored 7 days before the scheduled VinoPaint event. This is non refundable within 7 days of the scheduled event.  If you cannot make your event, your registration may be assigned to a family or friend. We require your email authorization for this transfer and the names of the individual(s) taking your place. We must adhere to this policy based on the instructor and the venue for these pre-registered events.  Consideration may be allowed to apply your registration to another event, this is a case by case basis and you must contact us in ahead of time in writing. May only be applied within 60 days of your cancelled event. No refunds are given for ‘no shows’. More information can be viewed on the Terms and Conditions page. All virtual events are non refundable as the supplies are shipped out ahead of time.

What form of payments does VinoPaint take?
We take credit cards, cash and checks (checks only for larger contract based events), Venmo and PayPal.

We use PayPal as our payment provider. Since VinoPaint is a component of Sonya Paz Incorporated, your billing statement will be from “Sonya Paz Incorporated”. If you have any questions or concerns about your banking statement or the charges from your bank, please contact us at 408-378-5000 before addressing any disputes with your bank.

We do prefer to have attendees sign up via the website because of the automated system that we have. If you need to make a payment via cash or check, please contact us so we can assist you personally. You may also call us at 408-378-5000.

How will I know if I am registered if I paid online?
Once you have completed your VinoPaint registration, you will be automatically notified via email with your receipt and statement of purchase. You will also receive your tickets via email.  Please print those out -or- you can bring your smartphone with the ticket code to check in to our events. If you have not received your confirmation or tickets in a couple days of registering, please contact us directly.

Sales and Coupons
Occasionally we have coupons (promotional codes) as well as early sign up incentives for our events. These occasionally offered for larger groups and special events. You can check our event information on our website or from our Facebook page. We promote these specials to our referrals and to our own mailing list as special thanks for attending a previous event. Many of our events are on sale already and the promo codes may not apply to events that are already on promotional sale. We are not presently affiliated with online coupon companies like Groupon, so be sure to check our website, join our mailing list and like our Facebook page to view the most current promotions.

Can I be notified via text messaging?
Yes, we can text you our monthly specials directly to your phone. Simply text: PAINT to 408-539-3140

Terms and Conditions
To view our Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo
To view our legal information, please click here.

If you have any additional questions please call us at 408-378-5000 directly or feel free to contact us through our online form.


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