When I moved and relocated my fine art gallery in 2012 I did not walk away from my art, I simply decided to embrace the next chapter of my life as a professional artist. Being that I have owned my own art galleries in Santana Row and Downtown Campbell, the art industry is all too familiar. 
After taking some time to catch up with commissions and focus on the galleries and specialty boutiques that carry my artwork and arty retail products, I decided that I wanted to bring art to those who appreciate a good paint party!  And that person is you!

I founded VinoPaint in January of 2015, one of the most exciting things about teaching in this fun social and energetic format is that the artwork would be a spinoff and inspiration of my style of creation, the fun, wild and energetic colors of what brings life and joy to folks just like you. 
For those who know my art style will know that I am not afraid of using wild colors and my art style. Be present with your creativity. Be bold and be fearless.  Join me at a VinoPaint event soon, I promise – it will be an experience like no other! 

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