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Are you on the quest to learn to unleash your creativity…. even if you have never painted before, we have a fun way of teaching you something new.

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“My husband Eric and I had the best time at Sonya Paz’s VinoPaint! Neither of us are “artists” and were a little nervous, but Sonya and her infectious energy made it so easy to follow and fun. I follow the rules and created a painting just like Sonya’s, but Eric went in another direction and painted his own masterpiece. Both pieces are now hanging side by side on a wall in our home!”
Yvonne U

VinoPaint Virtual Creative Events for Everyone
“Thank you so much Sonya Paz for an absolutely awesome night out! Can’t wait for the next VinoPaint event!”
Sue O.

“Sonya! We had so much fun! I have been to a few other paint events and yours was 10 times better than the others. The music, overall vibe and your energy made the whole night so fun. Great wine, great food, lots of great helpers that kept us all in the loop on our paint project. They kept our colors/paint full when we needed a bit more. I am typically not very artistic, so your style works really great for me. My friends all loved it and our entire group had a great time. I can’t wait for the next one!”
Chrystal B.

“My daughter and I had amazing time learning to paint this last December and not only did we learn how to paint, but a great mother/daughter outing. Sonya was an outstanding teacher and it was a LOT of fun!”
Tari R.

“I had an amazing time painting with VinoPaint. Sonya is such an amazing instructor and full of energy!! She made the time so much fun!!! Getting together with friends, having some wine, and letting your creativity out is an amazing experience with VinoPaint!”
Amanda C.

“I have had the pleasure of attending two VinoPaint events, organized and hosted by Sonya Paz. Both were so much fun and entertaining as well as an opportunity for me to spend time with friends, meet new people and work on my painting skills.

“Sonya always keeps the energy high, and the music rocking. She brings people together through art and creativity welcoming all to participate no matter what their skill level or artistic background they have. Beginners and experienced artists both love the ambiance and the chance to take home some original art!  It’s a great time and I look forward to the next VinoPaint event!”
Joan Tesauro

“I have attended two VinoPaint events in the last couple of months, hosted by Sonya Paz and had an absolute blast!!! Sonya creates a fun and lively environment that will bring out your ‘inner most Picasso’!! She does an excellent job explaining the painting technique, all the steps and is always there assist everyone. I love her 80’s and 90’s (fun) music she plays to keep everyone upbeat and enjoying themselves. I would definitely attend another one of her painting events and absolutely recommend them to my friends!! Attend an event, you won’t be disappointed!”
Amy W.

“VinoPaint was a terrific team building experience for our office!  We had a great time doing something new and creating together! I am so looking forward to the next one. What I think I like best is that I am NOT a great artist by any means, but that even I can create something that I am happy to look at. Thanks Sonya!”
Jen R.

“This is such a fun Event! Having had the privilege of being on both sides of this venue,as the Owner of Ebb n’ flow, Patio, Home & Garden and then as an actual participant to “channel my artistic creativity”. We are so excited to have this dynamic and gifted women now living & sharing in our community. Sonya Paz is such a professional & diversified artist, she brings you to that high energy place..the good kind! No stress, its all about having fun,meeting new friends & reconnecting with old ones. A little wine & food (non-alcoholic beverages as well).

“Sonya’s teaching technique is mastered in such a way that even those of us who are most doubtful of finding that inner creativity and a way of embracing it and having so much fun in the process!!! Check out her website and Facebook page and website,.truly inspiring!”
Cindy N.

“Oh My Gosh! This VinoPaint class/events is the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I have been to similar events, but nothing beats Sonya’s energetic cool vibe and music selection -it was so fun! I was scared at first and too afraid to start painting, but Sonya’s patience and cool techniques was so uplifting, that I made a real piece of art that I was proud to show to friends …… and even hung up it at home.  (My family was so impressed!). I am signed up for more VinoPaint events with Sonya and I can’t wait!  THANK YOU!”
Monica D.

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