Virtual Events

VinoPaint is Pleased to offer you NEW Virtual Classes/Webinar Events
Virtual events are the newest event type of virtual offered by VinoPaint based on the Covid19 Shelter in Place restrictions and guidelines. Connect with other creatives, friends and family from the safety of your own home.

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How do VinoPaint Virtual Events work?
Once you are registered up for a virtual event from the VinoPaint website, we will provide you a Zoom link to join our virtual event class/webinar. Simply Join this link at the before your scheduled event and be sure to be registered and signup up/signed on in advance. You can sign in directly from your device -smartphone, tablet, or computer. You may choose to activate or deactivate the camera settings on your device. when your camera is active you will be visible to the host as well as the other participants.

What are Zoom Classes/Webinars? is the video conferencing tool we are utilizing with to bring these fun creative virtual events into your home. You can download the app on your device or use the web based version on your PC or Mac. You will be able to see the host and other participants, raise your hand, ask questions and interact with all participants. If you wish not to be seen by others just disable your camera and you won’t be seen.
Learn more about using Zoom here for Windows and Mac Platforms.

When will I receive my Zoom Link?
We will email your Zoom link the day before and the morning of your scheduled virtual event.

Creative Supplies
VinoPaint virtual events will often times have a kit that is part of the cost of your class registration, or you have the option to provide your own supplies (specifics on kits vary based on the class). Supplies typically include, canvas, easel, medium size paintbrush and primary colored paint (we will show you how to mix specific colors during your class). All event and list of what is included in the virtual class will be detailed in each class description.

What to have ready on the day of the class?
Because these are live classes, we will start promptly at the scheduled time, please be ready to sign in 10 minutes early to check in. We will need to provide you access so please be patient (ie., Waiting room). If you are able to have your Zoom Name the same as your registration that would be easiest.
Be sure to unpack and have all your kit and materials ready, get your favorite beverage ready as well 🙂
You can opt to have your video on so I can see you, however your audio will be muted. Comments and questions can be asked in the chat box. I would also love for everyone to share you final project on the VinoPaint Facebook page or the VinoPaint Instagram page or you can also email these to me!

VinoPaint Virtual event tickets are nonrefundable. However, our classes may become archived and you may access these at a later date for your convenience. Contact us for more information. Please note while on the Zoom platform your name and/or photo may appear on the listed attendees page.

We presently take PayPal Merchant Services as our payment provider. Since VinoPaint is a component of Sonya Paz Incorporated, your billing statement will be from “Sonya Paz Incorporated“. If you have any questions or concerns about your banking statement or the charges from your bank, please contact us at 408-378-5000 or email us before opening any disputes with your bank. All disputes are subject to a $20.00 service charge.

Terms and Conditions
To view our Terms and Conditions, please click here.

If you have any additional questions please feel to contact us.


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