Virtual Team Building Painting Experiences

Virtual Team Building Painting Experiences for your employees & remote workers.

Online interactive classes using zoom or google meet where your team can paint and chat. Learn to paint alongside a professional artist, and end up with your own painted masterpiece.

Team building events that spark fun and creativity – reconnect your remote team with a live streaming paint class!

Virtual Team Building Painting Experiences with Vinopaint

We offer “no art experience required” guided painting events that cater to diverse personality types and company cultures. Events are designed to be both refreshing and energizing.

Our classes are personalized specifically for your team and conducted live, we like to engage with all of our attendees through our live zoom events.

VinoPaint is a local creative entertainment company conducting live art instruction for a fun painting or mixed media creations events delivered virtually to accommodate social distancing in a safe place to create in your home or office.  My name is Sonya Paz, and as the founder of VinoPaint with over 25 years of experience in teaching people to access their creativity and my own creative journey.

Now, more than ever teams need to be creative, providing innovative solutions and ideas. What better time to introduce The Art of Creative Thinking to your team than now? 

Research shows that creative experiences contribute to personal achievement. 

Using fun and interactive team building experiences bring about an array of benefits that benefit your teams including:

  • Bringing your strategy, vision or values to life in a way everyone can connect with
  • Opening up new channels of communication
  • Appreciation of unique personalities and thinking styles
  • Drive innovation and creativity
  • Increased participation and engagement
  • Develop a ‘can do’ mindset
  • And much more!

Let your team enjoy, challenge, and nurture their creative spirit while they working from home. I will guide them through the session, and at the end, they’ll have their own artwork to keep.

Virtual Team Building Painting Experiences with Vinopaint

Art is linked to emotional well-being. Practicing to be daring in an unfamiliar field with a non-judgmental supportive environment, allows participants to enable the breaking of personal artistic boundaries (we all have stories about not being good enough around our artistic abilities from when we were kids) and enhances a sense of ability that will resonate with the work environment. 

You book it, we schedule it, we ship all of the supplies to your team and host the most fun virtual creative event available! You can join in with a step by step learning of an awesome creative masterpiece and we prepare everything to get the painting party started. Our virtual painting party is the most fun you will have with your team mates! We offer acrylic canvas painting, watercolor painting, mixed media and collage, wine glass painting and more!

We send our DIY craft kit to your U.S.A. remote workers and for your international remote workers – we organise supply lists for them to source the relevant list of equipment for the remote class.

Look no further… we can bring the paint party to you, It’s easy!  

We are a phone call or an email away, connect with us to check on our event calendar. To view a selection of the art available to select from, click here!  Please call us at 408-378-5000 directly or Contact us and we’ll work with you on creating a memorable team building event while staying safe in your home office.  If you are looking for other ideas for team building experiences – you might find some ideas here or if you are looking for some team building gift ideas for your employees- you might consider these.

“VinoPaint was a terrific team building experience for our office!  We had a great time doing something new and creating together! I am so looking forward to the next one. What I think I like best is that I am NOT a great artist by any means, but that even I can create something that I am happy to look at. Thanks Sonya!” Jen R.

We did a Virtual Team building event with VinoPaint and it was excellent. The team had a great time and at the end we all had an impressive painting. I highly recommend this as a team building event! Miranda W.

Sonya was a great interactive teacher for our group. We had a great time and would definitely use her again in the future. Tiffany H.

Fun experience! Sonya walked us newbies through how to create watercolor painting. Loved the tips and advice on paper, paints and brushes. It was fun event and inspired me the next day to recreate / create the lesson again on my own. Looking forward to another session with Sonya! Joanne L.

Sonya was a fabulous, interactive teacher for our group of software engineers looking for a fun, group-building break during Covid. As a technologist, I appreciated how she explained even some of the geeky stuff about her choice of materials. Chris D.

I have attended a few of the VinoPaint events and had a great time! Sonya puts on some great music that creates a fun atmosphere to help you relax as she guides you to create a unique piece of art. I highly recommend you add a VinoPaint to your calendar! Lettie C.



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Some of our Happy VinoPaint Clients include: Adobe, Apple Computer, Coherent, Equinix, Facebook, Google, HeartFlow, IBM, InMarket, Intel, LinkedIn, Nelson Worldwide, Netflix, Salesforce, Uber, Workday, Lupus Foundation of Northern California

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