What to Bring

VinoPaint events are SMArt Events! Social Meetings and ART and they are just what they sound like “vino”+”paint”=”fun!”

We will provide the essentials for you to use for out events, including aprons.
Every new artist must know that wearing your best outfit might not be suitable for this activity. We use non toxic acrylic paints, and while these are water based paints, they are not clothes friendly.

Please dress appropriately. We provide aprons to help protect your clothes to a degree, however we cannot be responsible for any clothing or accessories that might be blemished by a paint smudge or two. Please take this into consideration when you decide what to wear for our canvas painting sessions.

Since the paint is non toxic, you may get some paint on your hands. In the event that you have sensitive skin or a nicely maintained manicure, we have plastic disposable gloves available upon request to protect your hands.  The paint we use is non-toxic easily washable from skin and nails.

We also want your masterpieces to arrive home safely. Acrylic paint dries rather quickly, however we do not want your newly created painting to leave paint smudges on the seats of your vehicle. We suggest bringing an old towel or plastic trash bag to protect your automobile.

The best thing to remember to bring is your uninhibited self with a good dose of positive energy.

To view other events being offered, check out our event calendar.

* Artwork will vary from event to event. Art styles will be selected for beginners and involve fun upbeat styles and themes.


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