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What do you get when you have an artist, a former art gallery owner and some mad teaching skills?  You have VinoPaint!

We are VinoPaint

Learn to paint by one of the best in the business! Fine artist, gallery owner and widely collected artist, Sonya Paz started VinoPaint in January 2015, Sonya has over 30 years as an experienced painter and professional artist and designer who has developed her own product line based on her signature style and design. Now, after many years of creating, she enjoys teaching large groups of people how to create while they socialize with friends and new communities! Sonya personally teaches these virtual or live painting events to instruct you to create your own individual work of art in a fun environment. We supply all the artistic materials!

This creative business model also works wonderful for community involvement and fundraising event opportunities. Sonya is very active in her community and feels that giving back is key. There is a 25 person minimum to have us come out and produce a live event for you, or 20 person minimum for private virtual events.

Our name “VinoPaint” evolved from when we started doing our creative events in wine bars and restaurants. It’s the best mix of “wine and art” thus VinoPaint was born!  Although we are called VinoPaint, our creative classes do not include wine, this is where our venues come in (for live events), they can offer wine and food in addition to our classes at venue locations. Virtual events do not include wine, food or any other beverages.

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VinoPaint Trademark
The Federal Trademark for VinoPaint® which is protected by all Federal Copyright and Trademark laws in the United States of America.  

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“VinoPaint is a fun and exciting creative concept where people can learn to paint with friends and socialize over wine, food and art!”

Our Creative Skills

Owner and Founder, Sonya Paz is not new when it comes to the art world. She is a professional fine artist who has owned several of her own self represented art galleries and has built a successful art retail line. She enjoys teaching art to everyone through VinoPaint.

After many years of creating, Sonya enjoys teaching large groups of people on creating while they socialize with friends and new communities! These painting events are designed to inspire you to create your own individual work of art in a fun, social wine and food environment. Join Us!

Creation is contagious … what are you waiting for?

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