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Sonya Paz - Professional ArtistVinoPaint is a fun and exciting creative concept where people can learn to paint with friends and socialize over wine, food and art!

Learn to paint by one of the best in the business! Fine artist, gallery owner and widely collected artist, Sonya Paz started VinoPaint in January 2015, Sonya has over 20 years as an experienced painter and designer who has developed her own product line based on her signature style and design. Now after many years of creating, she enjoys teaching large groups of people how to create while they socialize with friends and new communities! Sonya will be heading up these painting events to instruct you to create your own individual work of art in a fun, social wine and food environment.

This creative business model also works wonderful for community involvement and fundraising event opportunities. Sonya is very active in her community and feels that giving back is key. There is a 25 person minimum to have us come out and produce an event for you!

VinoPaint events are targeted to the all age groups, however since most of the venues that we instruct at, are wine bars, they typically have a 21 and over age limit because these are held in venues that have age restrictions that serve alcohol. If you don’t drink wine that is OK too, other beverages are available at the hosted venues. Food, alcohol and beverages are not included in the price of the VinoPaint events. Each venue can provide individual checks for your order. If you have a venue that would like to partner with us, please contact us and we can make a connection for your event!

Do you have an organization or group that you would like to raise funds for?
Contact us for more information.

To learn more about Sonya and her art, visit her site at sonyapaz.com
To sign up for our events, view our event calendar.

* Artwork will vary from event to event. Art styles will be selected for beginners and involve fun upbeat styles and themes.

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